Agile Advent Calendar: 24 ideas around Transformability

Following a christmas tradition we will find here every day a little idea or link around Transformability. Feel free to discuss or add something if you get inspired.


An audio approach to Agility, Agile Rhapsody:

Agile Rhapsody - Bohemian Rhapsody Parody - Scrum Team Building - Agile Manifesto in a fun song - YouTube


Scrum is the most known agile framework. The Scrum Guide is easy to understand. Invest some minutes to get familiar with it:

No time to read and understand some german? Here directly the audio version:

All ressources:
The Scrum Guide

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Almost 2 years ago we went into our home offices. Working remote became more and more the new normal. Cloudogu published a blog post with first experiences:

Best Practices and Tips for Using Scrum for Remote Teams | Cloudogu Blog

In the following our transformability in remote work was challenged. Feel free to share and discuss with us changes and learnings during the last months.


Enjoy another audio repetition of Scrum: Spirit

Smells Like Scrum Spirit - YouTube


An interesting Podcast especially for Product Owners (in german): die Produktwerker


A favorite MeetUp We Try Agile, feel free to join us on wednesday:


It is always important to find a good way to define software requirements. In this blog article you can find some hints. If you see changes in 2021, feel free to discuss.


For those of you who didn’t had the chance until now to read trough it:
our E-Book: So gelingt DevOps


You enjoyed our E-Book yesterday? Right this morning we published for you our new one: Kubernetes AppOps Security


Discuss with us today about your situation of: What does a Scrum Master do all day?


You are a german speaking Scrum Master and open for a new opportunity? We are looking forward to get to know you.


We just finished our last OKR Workshop of 2021. If you are interested in more methods for remote events here our blog article of Remote Event Stroming:


Have you already seen this video about Clean Agile?


Prototype, Proof of Concept, Minimum Viable Product…share your thoughts with the community here:


If you haven’t heard about ist already, try out the podcast Mein Scrum ist kaputt (in german):


You might have discoved here yesterday as current podcast Liberating Structures. A useful toolbox for better meeting structures. Here you find more about LISA:

In Englisch:

In German:

Mobile app:


Start with WHY as starting point of your Vision and Mission:

The TED Talk with Simon Sinek:


Start to read about the agile method No Estimates 1…

If you need another practical example:


…No Estimates 2…