Agile theory & practice

We (Product Owners and Scrum Masters at Cloudogu) started this weekly hour to discuss agile frameworks (The Scrum Guide) and methods and how they can be implemented into our daily practice. Here we want to share the output.

Our Backlog is too big

Based on the german podcast:
we discussed this topic where many scrum teams might have their challanges from time to time.

Our insights:

  • One of our teams feels better since they cut down their 300 backlog items to 120 (get rid of old things, this work can be done in portions)
  • ideally the backlog could contain around 100 items (Nexus framework more, an orientation can be the average stories per sprint)
  • timespan of the tickets in the backlog should be 3-6 month (maybe the focus can be on the 3 month of OKR or separte OKR Backlog for the OKR quarter)
  • for only ideas better use another tool or the redmine idea tracker
  • Backlog items should be at least roughly formulated

The new normal

How will work change after the 100% mobile working time because of corona when we can go back to office?

Our discussion leads to a hybid way of working between mobile work and being in the office. We have colleagues living in other countries and other cities. To make this work a “mobile first” mindset came up. Positive aspects we figured out:

  • our new office is our meeting place
  • their we can come together for intense meetings, sharing, brainstorming…
  • selfmanaging teams and the scrum framework supports teamwork and there is no need for further checking
  • colleagues not living in Braunschweig could join our team, and collegues who move because of private reasons can still work for cloudogu
  • our industry works digital anyways and doesn’t need to be present for customers all the time
  • we save time (traveling) and recources (environment)

Storyline Agility
In this meeting we collected what Cloudogu is already offering around the topic of agility. Here a first insight:

What else is interesting for you?

Free day between two sprints

The Scrum Guide says:

a new sprint starts immediately after the conclusion of the previous sprint

At Cloudogu we work very close to the Scrum Guide but we have our “Dead Friday”, a day between two sprints. We discussed within the round of Product Owners and Scrum Masters why we have it and pros&cons. We agreed that this topic is worth a blog article. Therefore we would like to have your opinion and input on this topic.