Cloudogu agile Toolbox

Here you can find and discuss agile tools and methods we use and refine for us at Cloudogu for better agile work.

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Scrum & Kanban

Scrum and Kanban are two agile approaches. Here you find our blog article Scrum vs. Kanban.

But there is not only a decision if you use Scrum or Kanban. Also Kanban can be used within Scrum.

Kanban offers metrics which gives you data for evaluating and adaption. This you can try out here in a first step:
TWIG - the WIP game

Feel free to discuss with us the outcome.

Change Management

Every movement towards agility is a change process. People are the key factor there. Guide and coach your teams through this process and be aware that this might take some time.

Keep in mind the common change management curves and feel free to add your favorite material and best practises here.

Agile Contracts

If your teams work agile it will be difficult if your customers are not on an agile mindset yet. So part of transformability is, also to train your customers and partners to become more agile. One challanging topic here are agile contracts. This blog article about agile contracts might be a start. Feel free to discuss here.

Remote Agility

Since at least corona virus joined our work life teams work more and more professionally remote. Especially agile frameworks and Scrum supports remote work. This blog article remote scrum gives a first overview.

Also bigger events can be hosted remote by agile methods and remote tool support. As an example the blog article remote event storming with miro shows how Cloudogu works in this area.

What are your experiences or questions around remote work in agile?

Product Vision

We discussed this topic which should support us between our Vision and Mission and our OKRs.

Here some intersting podcasts in this direction (in german):
Das Product Goal


Especialli Product Owners face the challange of prioritization. Here some things you can try out:

  1. Awareness (german): Prioritäten im Glas - YouTube
  2. Eisenhower Matrix What is the Eisenhower Matrix? - Smartpedia - t2informatik
  3. 80/20 Pareto principle - Wikipedia


Scrum is a popular agile framework. It’s not just a method. The basics you can easily get by reading through the Scrum Guide. The guide is just 17 pages.

Scrum is easy to understand, but difficult to master.

Also we experience this in our daily worklife. So the scrum guide can just be a starting point. More things to learn you can find on or

We also invite you to discuss with us here!


Thanks a lot for the link to the current Scrum Guide! :slight_smile:

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Next month we will start with new team constellations. They will be crossfunctional and agile. As Scrum Master/Agile Coach my goal is to support them as good as possible through the upcoming team stages (Tuckman: Tuckman's stages of group development - Wikipedia) forming, storming, norming into the performing stage. I am very curious to go through this process with my teams and decided to share some findings here.

Next to teambuilding, here an interesting TED talk about teaming by Amy Edmondson as background for the start:

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