Mobile Working and Highspeed Internet (LTE/5G)

Mobile working means you will maybe not always work in an office or from home. How do you garantie highspeed internet for meetings and working from a laptop outside of the city? What kind of experiences do you have? Which mobile routers can you recommand? Which (unlimited) volume contracts can you recommand?

I am looking forward to hear from your experiences.

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I’m on the road (or on the train) very often, so I was looking for a contract, that guarantees traveling comfortably and without worrying about any data limits. So I chose the o2 Free Unlimited Max (LTE/5G) and I’m happily using it for about two years now.
I rarely have connection issues and if I need to work remotely (or want to stream anything), I always know, I have enough data volume (as it’s unlimited). It’s not the cheapest tariff plan, but to me it’s worth it.