OKRs at Cloudogu

As agile approach between our Vision, Mission, Strategy and our Scrum Sprints we use Objectives and Key Results. OKR approaches can differ in some aspects. OKRs at Cloudogu are based on the OKR method of Murakamy (Die OKR Methode - Agile Führung mit Objectives & Key Results). During our OKR journey we add and adjust elements to get more out of this approach. As we think that OKRs can be a great supporting method for transformability, we want to share some insights in this area with our community. Feel free to discuss with us here.

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Start with WHY

Before using your right framework or methods you should be aware of why you want to change something to be able to find the right approach for your situation. To get to our WHY we developed our cloudogu vision and mission together. Based on this we chose Scrum and OKRs as our frameworks. By OKRs we hoped for more focus, alignment and transparency and the missing piece between strategy and our daily scrum work. This seems to work out for us.

OKR glossary

Confidence Level biweekly shared transparency level of each Team Key Result
Company Set OKR Set prepared by our stakeholders
Key Results measurable and independent drivers towards an objectives
Moonshot inspiring, very high goals
Objectives motivating and challenging goals
OKR Set max. 5 Objectives with max. 4 Key Results each
Outcome vs. Output what is the added value (outcome) not only the produced item (output)
Team Set based on Key Results of the company set Team Objectives with Team Key Results are the Team Set

What happens in our OKR Workshop?

The OKR Workshop is the our core event of OKRs. One week before the beginning of each OKR quarter we meet with all internal Stakeholders, Product Owners (team representative) and Scrum Masters (as methodical support) for a 2-days workshop, currently remote. The agenda is flexible depending to the needs of the participants but in general we cover the following steps:

  • setting the stage: welcome, expectations, goal of the workshop
  • presenting the OKR Company Set, questions?
  • individual time to think about which Company Key Results can be supported by the teams
  • teams presenting their first ideas
  • individual time to work with other teams and use input from Stakeholders
  • support by Scrum Masters to formulate OKR Team Sets
  • bring together the big picture of OKR Company Set and OKR Team Sets
  • next steps, feedback, goodbye

What happens after the OKR Workshop:

On team level:
We combine OKR with Scrum. On monday one week after the workshop our OKR quarter starts by the sprint planning of the first sprint within this OKR Set. The OKR Team Set supports to find a good sprint goal.

On Product Owner level:
Biweekly we meet with our Stakeholders to share the confidence levels to each Team Key Result to keep the transparency high and discuss topic which support our progress.

What happens before the OKR Workshop:

Two weeks before the OKR Workshop a preview of the OKR Company Set is given and ready for feedback. Bases on this, the teams create first ideas how the Company Set can be supported within the next quarter.