Start your day right - Morning Motivation playlist

Hey everyone,

those dark and cold mornings really make it hard to leave your bed, but when you finally made it, there is nothing better than your first coffee and some good music - at least for me. :call_me_hand:
I love creating playlists, so I want to share with you one of my latest lists for my personal “Morning Motivation” routine:

What about you? Do you actually listen to music, while at work? If so, what’s your favorite playlist or music to start your day? :sunglasses:


I prefer to start the day well informed.
So i am listening to NDR Info - no music nonsens, just pure information :slight_smile:

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in the sense of motivation, although not related to work, I listen to my favorite motivational video (audio is enough) #offtopic


and yes, working out in the morning is awesome :slight_smile:

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I like to start into the day by an (agile) Podcast:

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I especially like to wake up listening to quiet birds chirping or water splashing, so I highly recommend Battle Beast - Madness :grin: /s

While working, I love to listen to classical or orchestral music. There’s plenty of choice on YouTube and other platforms: Akademia Filmu i Telewizji, hr-Sinfonieorchester, Berliner Philharmoniker, filmsymphony, Auckland Symphony Orchestra, 慶次郎前田, The Bands of HM Royal Marines, …


If you are looking for some laid back tunes to listen to while working, here are some of my favorite playlists:

Oh and if you are looking for some calm, but feel good albums for warm spring and summer days, you better check out Peach Pit (“Being So Normal”) and Turnover (“Good Nature”). :sunglasses:

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Summer’s here! For those who are looking for some sunny tunes, I recommend this playlist. :sunglasses: :palm_tree:

Another sweet and peaceful album I can recommend is Adrianne Lenker’s “songs”. 11 beautiful and innocent songs to calm down!