You should know this before you start with your training!

We are pleased that you are participating in our training! You have already created a myCloudogu account and successfully logged into our virtual learning environment. With this preparation course we want to ensure that your training can start without delay. Please observe the following instructions and contribute to a smooth running of the training.

Please read the following information on the individual steps of the preparation first.
Afterwards you will perform the tech check on your own. To do so, please read the topic “Check the technical requirements for participating in your training now!” in our forum.

Make sure that you have completed the tech check by the time your training starts.
If you have any questions regarding the preparation, please contact us. You can reach us by e-mail at


How do I prepare for the tech check?

First, please ensure that, in addition to a quiet learning and working environment, the following system and technical requirements for your online training are met:

  1. Computer equipped with VirtualBox
  2. At least 8 GB RAM
  3. Stable Internet access
  4. Administrator rights for setting up a virtual training environment
  5. Current browser that supports WebRTC (Web real-time communication)
  6. Webcam
  7. Microphone

Professional requirements:

  • Basics Linux command line (bash)
  • Basics of computer networks
  • General knowledge of software development of web applications

What happens in the tech check?

In the tech check you will receive an introduction to the learning environment and can test whether the technical requirements for communication in the virtual classroom are met. You will independently check whether…

  • you can log in to the virtual learning environment.
  • the course folder of your training is displayed.
  • you can enter the virtual test training room.
  • you are familiar with the functions of the virtual classroom.
  • you have installed Docker and can run docker run hello-world (to be run only by those participating in our Docker training courses).
  • have downloaded the virtual machine (to be run only by those participating in our Kubernetes training courses).

Ready? Click here to get access to the technology check!