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Cloudogu EcoSystem

Ask developers and discuss questions regarding setup, configuration and toolset of the Cloudogu EcoSystem within the community. Feature requests and issues can be reported here.


Get in touch with other users and the development team of the scm manager standalone. For questions on the dogu of the Cloudogu EcoSystem, see its category instead.

Cloudogu Trainings

Take a look at the Cloudogu training portfolio and see announcements about upcoming courses and free events.

GitOps at Cloudogu

Find information on how we do GitOps at Cloudogu and try it yourself with our pre-configured GitOps Playground. We’re excited to hear about your GitOps experience!

myCloudogu Platform

Provide us feedback on how you use this site and what we could do better. We’re happy to know where we can improve.

Agility and New Work

Learn more about Agility and New Work topics, events, theory and best practices. Find out, what agile work means at Cloudogu and discuss your thoughts with our experts.