Accessing the SCM-Manager API from a JVM application

Whats the recommended way of accessing the SCMM API from an application running on the JVM?

  • Generate a client from OpenAPI?
  • Or are there ready-made bindings somewhere?
  • Other options?

Do you happen to know examples?

My Background: In the GitOps Playground we are switching from Bash to Groovy in the long run. The SCMM part is still in Bash. I thinking about doing the next change in Groovy for the first time and wondering what kind of effort I’ll have to do.

It depends on your architecture and what kind of scripts you are using. You could execute custom groovy scripts inside SCM-Manager using the script plugin. These scripts could access the internal SCMM api. It could work via plain REST calls or even directly on SCM-Manager start like we do it in the SCM-Manager dogu.

Besides that you could use the CLI or REST calls for simpler actions. We can support you to find the best solution for your use cases.

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Thanks for your immediate response, @eheimbuch!

I’m definitely looking for a “Java” (JVM) client that accesses the SCMM API from the outside.
Embedding the (Go) CLI into a Java/Groovy app wouldn’t be to straightforward, would it?

So my options probably are writing my own client using plain REST calls or generating my own client using Open API.

You don’t happen know of anyone having done this before?

Afaik we haven’t tried this before and got no community requests regarding such a client.

Feel free to share your learnings with us when it’s done :slight_smile:

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