Caching api/v2/repositories - Slow first response

We just migrated all our 164 SVN repos to SCM-manager 3.2.2 running on Ubuntu 22.04.

When navigating to /repos/ the first request to api/v2/repositories is very slow.
It takes ~10 seconds from request to response

Next time the response is instant (sub 1 sec).

Is there any settings to improve caching ?

Hey @lgjli

thank you for your post. Could you please share your hardware setup?
Also do you experience this everytime on the first login? Which plugins do you use? Usually plugins do slow down the first loadup.

SCM-manager is running in a Ubuntu 22.04 VM on a Hyper-v host.
I have allocated 8GB ram and a single virtual CPU on a Xeon E5-1650.
It does not look like the VM is CPU bound.

What hardware specs do you usually recommend ?

I experience this at every login.

I have the following plugins installed: