How to put 2 LDAP serveur in SCM Manager for redundancy


I have 2 domain controller server but each time the first one is down we can’t connect to the SCM Manager. As we have configured the connection to work with our Active Directory with LDAP I checked the configuration and there’s only one domain controler that is set as LDAP server. But I don’t know how to configure a second one

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Unfortunately there is only one LDAP Service configurable.
Could you please share and outline your use case? Probably this is something we can add to a future version of SCM-Manager.


For example, my company has branches in different countries, and different organizations have their own LDAP servers and developers, in this case I have to configure multiple LDAPs in order for everyone to work together

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We will discuss it and will come back to you soon

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Sorry for the late answer.
Our case is simply a wish to have redundancy.
We have 2 domain controller and if the one that is set for our SCM manager is down it’s not working anymore. We use SCM manager on our SVN server so the devs cannot work anymore if the set DC is down.

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There’s no need for a change on SCM’s side. What we have done for this issue is, instead of pointing to separate Domain Controllers, you can just point the host url to your base domain. That is assuming both your DCs are part of the same domain and you have correct DNS entries (A records) for each DC. The easiest way to check that if you do an nslookup, you should get all the DCs with A records in your domain.
Pointing the scm host URL to the lets you use any of the DCs configured.
One small caveat is if you’re using ssl or tls, then each DC’s certificate will need to also have a SAN for as well.
Hope that helps.

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