Problems with scm-manager svn and atlassian crucible

I am seeing something odd. We are migrating our svn repos from teamforge to scm-manager. we use atlassian fisheye/crucible for code reviews. When I setup the scm-repo in fisheye, it fails to index due to files that contains spaces. This doesn’t happen with the same repo contents in teamforge. fisheye is using the same svn commands to index the repos, so it must be the way the svn server is interpreting the commands. Here is a sample of one of the errors I am seeing: Fri Apr 01 07:42:39 GMT-400 2022 Repository paused due to error com.cenqua.fisheye.rep.RepositoryClientException: org.apache.subversion.javahl.ClientException: svn: E175002: PROPFIND of ‘/scm/repo/XSeries/iris_main/!svn/ver/3352/MDApp/branches/ClinicalAffairs/amsa/OTS/WACP/ANSI_CPP/WinCE/WinCE Validation Files/StdAfx.cpp’: 400 Illegal character SPACE=
I have already opened a ticket with Atlassian and they asked me to contact you since we are seeing this difference.
The version of svnserve on the Teamforge server is: svnserve, version 1.10.2 (r1835932)
compiled Jan 29 2020, 09:30:14 on x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu

on scm-manager it is: svnserve, version 1.13.0 (r1867053)
compiled Mar 24 2020, 12:33:36 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

I set the compatibility in scm-manager to
With 1.7 Compatible

Any ideas?

I did find this in my web search -

Hi Marlene,

thank you for your feedback.

We will have a look at this and get back to you soon.

I had to create a mirror on the fisheye/crucible server and run the indexing on it via file:// instead of with https://
but I am still wondering if this is a problem with scm manager’s version of svn.

I believe this may be related to the issues I am having with crucible/fisheye. I have a new review created since I recovered the repo in fisheye and it cannot show diffs of a particular file. When I try to navigate to the previous version of the file in the scm-manager web, it hangs and eventually fails.

the version was created 7 months ago in our old svn server, but I can navigate to the one prior or the next one with no problems. Is it possible that a single commit is corrupt?

I just noticed that this is saying out of memory. How can this be?
Here is a snapshot of the server resources.

and the java process is configured for 8GB - logging.xml -Xms8g -Xmx8g -Djetty.hos

this is becoming a much bigger issue! We need help asap please. this version of the code existed in our previous svn server - teamforge and there is no problem at all retrieving it in the web for teamforge or in a review in crucible/fisheye. So, this is making scm-manager look like a bad solution. I have to start considering other svn server options at this point. Please get in touch. I have expanded the java heap size to 16GB and we still see the out of memory error.

Dear Marlene,

Thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear that you are still facing difficulties with the configuration of your system.
SCM-Manager is an open-source project and there are no license fees. It’s free to use and everyone is invited to take part in the future development of SCM-Manager.

To create a positive cash flow we have agreements with our customers for custom development (functionalities, integrations, plugins), consulting and of course for support.

We are currently working for a customer on new functions and we have to keep our agreements and delivery date. Therefore we will look into your issue earliest on Tuesday.

There is a daily support time budget for paying customers. If you want to speed up things you can purchase consulting and support services then we can phase you in into our regular support processes.
If you are interested I would be happy to connect you with Christopher Hablitzel.


thank you for your reply. We have already spoken to Chrisopher about buying support. It is just too expensive at this time. The reason we are moving out of teamforge is the expense. However, I did want to document your issue here to verify that this is what we are seeing.

Hi Marlene,

is it feasible for you to provide an example repository? Of course not share here in the forum.
Without it’s very hard for us to reproduce and to analyze your issue.


I can see if a dump and load of the branch will reproduce the issue here and then make it available. How do you want me to send it?

I have uploaded a non-disclosure doc for you to sign. Once we have this, I will upload the dump file.

I have located the developer of svnkit who can fix this problem. Others have seen it with scm-manager as well. Please add your wishes to the filing to get a fix.