Unable to install and configure SSL for ubuntu SCM Manager


I am trying to installed self signed openssl for Ubuntu SCM-Manager as per the link provide https://scm-manager.org/docs/2.43.x/en/administration/scm-server/ and https://scm-manager.org/docs/1.x/en/administration/scm-server-ssl but it was unsuccessful.

I’m trying to install manually but it was unsuccessful. Could anyone know the process of installed ssl certificate for jetty web server Also, It’s running on Jetty web server which is including on the package of https://scm-manager.org/docs/2.43.x/en/installation/debian/.

Hi Team,

Anyone please update in this

Hey @divya2931

have you double check your self signed certificate? Could you provide your error or describe what exactly doesn’t work for your instance?

Regards, Eduard