Branch protection/path write protection - is it possible to have a global such like commit message validation allows?

Not sure of the differences between these 2 plugins as they both sound very similar. Installed and restarted the branch protection and didn’t see any options so installed the path write protection and can see the permissions per repo.

Is it possible to have global permissions with either? (or a future planned plugin?)

Ie, this is our use case:

The ‘tags’ folder in every repo should be read-only except for certain users.

We had hoped the “Tag protection” plugin would do this, but it seems to only stop tags from being deleted.

So we are currently using “path protection”, but having to apply it per-repo.


When you talk about the ‘tags’ folder it sounds like you’re talking about SVN, right? This is the main reason for the path protection plugin. In SCM-Manager, we do not have an abstraction for tags and branches in SVN. The tag and branch protections are usable only for Git and HG.

We do not have global settings for the path protection on our backlog yet, but we will talk about this.