[SVN] Subfolder permissions

I need permissions for my SVN repos only in subfolders without being able to read the folders above. Is this somehow possible?
It would make more sense to be able to set permissions for subfolders in the overview of the repo.
SCM-Manager 2.42.3

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance

Hi @grimm , in SCM-Manager you cannot set read permissions on single folders. Only write permissions can be set for single paths (using the Path Write Protection Plugin).

I’m not that much into SVN, but is it possible to use externals to achieve this?


Thanks for your answer.
But I would like to set some “Deny Permissions” for Subfolders (No read) I can not find “Deny”

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unfortunately the SCM-Manager itself does not have a feature to explicitly deny read in SVN repositories yet. The Path Write Protection Plugin only allows managing write permissions as the name suggests. The only way we can think of at the moment would be through SVN externals.

Have you tried this solution ?

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the SVN externals are not installed with an installation. If you install them later there are problems with the system and the repos also have only numbers and no unique names in the home dir.

It would be very advantageous if one can forbid within a Repositories also individual users or groups the reading in it, since for example external companies etc. should not read the entire project (trade secrets) but only in a subfolder within the project their data are to be stored for which they are assigned.

I would like to see that this is possible or someone has a solution for this.

SCM-Version: 2.43.0

Hi @grimm

thank you for your feature request and I can understand why you want to restrict specific folders for certain users.

We will discuss your feature request and come back with a feedback.

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Thank you!
I hope that this feature will be implemented relatively quickly.

Hi @grimm , I want to avoid false expectations.

We are a small open source development team that depends on customers to hire us for their custom feature requests for SCM Manager.

We work on these with preferred priority.

Therefore, it may take time for us to implement feature requests from the community. If you would like to speed things up, please feel free to contact us at SCM-Manager Enterprise Support | Cloudogu.

Hi @christoph.loose,
I don’t really understand that now.
Subversion offers permissions down to folder level by default.
If Subversion is offered in SCM, then it should also be offered with the core functionalities.
This feature is one of the reasons why I want to use Subversion and not Git.