Revision numbers

Hello. New to SVN and just implemented SCM Manager at my currently location. I am wondering if anyone can maybe explain the revision numbering? Seems that every time we create a folder there is a new revision number so its not really making any sense to my team.

Hey and welcome,

I guess you have not worked with repositories before? Each change to your repository creates a new commit / changeset. You can define how each of your commit look like e.g. “single file created” or “dozens of files with thousand lines of changes”.

If you use SCM-Manager to create / edit / delete files or folders via the UI, each single action creates one new commit for your repository. For Subversion your commit id’s are plain numbers so thats why it counts up for every new folder you create. Commits are not related to files but always are revisioned by the whole repository.

Hope it helps.

Thanks. Yes a newbie working with experience people who are stating this shouldn’t be the case. But what you describe makes sense. We are using and external client to connect to the repos, and the same reversion shows.

Is there a way to change this or turn it off?

Well, i am not sure how to explain this. If you don’t want revisions for each change in your repository you should not use repositories. Revisions are kinda the main feature why we work with repositories instead of simple data storages.

Maybe there is some miscommunication? If you really want to benefit from repositories you should definitely get used with revisions and the many advantages of versioned source control.