Web File Editing and Commit doesn't work for SVN repositories

The Web commit is not working for SVN (subversion) repositories. It seems the editor plugin is not managing it.

How To reproduce:
(1) Install scm-manager 25.x
(2) Install FileEditor plugin
(3) Create a subversion (svn) repository (you can select initialize option to quickly create the svn repository with a README.md file as the first commit - this is enough for testing)
(4) Go to the Subversion repository —> Click on Code ----> Click on Sources ----> Click on Pencil icon

(5) Add some content

(6) Add the commit message and then Click on Commit button

(1) No relevant console log is observed
(2) No relevant exceptions or logs seen in scm-manager.log file
(3) This behavior is present in all types of Linux/Unix installations (Not tested on windows)
i.e. System provided (RPM/DEB) and Generic Linux installation
(4) The FileEditor works very well for Git repositories

The server details:
(1) scm-manager: 2.25.0
(2) JDK: OpenJDK11
(3) OS: Debain10
(4) FileEditor plugin: 2.5.0

We will try to reproduce this asap and get back to you.

Hi, we’ve just fixed the bug and released version 2.26.1 (https://scm-manager.org/download/2.26.1/). Would you be so kind and check this again?

Thank you very much for the report!

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I will do it right away

Thanks a lot for quickly fixing it.
This is resolved in 2.26.1.