How can I refer to the latest version of code without a number?

I want to use a URL in documentation to refer to the latest code commits in svn. I do not want to use a specific number, but a generic label like LATEST in the URL. how do I do this? If I use a URL to point to a tag, when I enter it into the browser, it doesn’t show me the code.

Hi, have you tried using -1 as a revision number (like this one: https://my.scm.server/scm/repo/svn/test/code/sources/-1/trunk/

not sure how that helps me? what does -1 mean?

not sure why or how, but this works. thank you!
if you have an explanation, I would love to know how it works.

This is just a specialty of SCM-Manager as far as I know. I cannot tell you, why this was implemented this way any more, though.