Custom-Links-Plugin for SCM-Manager Installation doesn't work for Linux/Unix Windows

Issue: The official installation instructions provided on the plugin download page are not working.
How to reproduce:
(1) Follow the installation instructions mentioned here

After restarting the SCM-Manager, the plugins that we copy on to the disk/directory will get deleted by SCM restart as it extracts the WAR and overwrites anything on the target. Only the CORE plugins will be retained. The directory where the Instructions is pointing to will be overwritten each time the SCM restart.

The correct way is to
(1) Find out the correct directory where all other plugins are present but not the core plugins directory
(2) Copy the custom-links plugin
(3) Restart the scm-manager

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Hi, you are right the plugin folder of the instructions are pointing to the wrong directory. We will fix this.

The correct location is plugins folder in the base directory. The location base directory depends on the type of SCM-Manager installation. Please have a look at the documentation for your type of installation.

Thanks a lot for fixing it quickly.

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