How to install plugin offline?

I want to install the plugin to SCM-Manager. I have downloaded the SMP file. How should I install it?


copy your smp file into your “scm-home/plugins” dir. Afterwards restart your server. The plugin will be installed automatically.

Regards, Eduard

Thank you very much for your help. I have successfully installed the plugin.

SCM manager has a beautiful interface, powerful functions, and detailed documentation. I like it very much. However, there is no clear explanation on how to install the plugin. It would be perfect if you could add this part.

Finally, thank you again for providing such a powerful tool. I will recommend this tool to my friends


Thanks for this great feedback. Recommendations are highly appreciated :smiley:

We followed your advice, and with the upcoming version you can find a small topic on how to install plugins manually in the documentation.

Keep on coding!

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