What Plugins do I need to migrate for the latest version of SCM-Manager

Hello, I want to upgrade my SCM-Manager 1.5X to the latest version and have to do it manually because its that old.
I’ve been reading through the documentation and know how to migrate them.
I checked my installed plugins but some of them are not avaible at the Pluginstore.
For example:
scm-git-plugin - Plugin for the verson control system Git
scm-activedirectory-auth-plugin - Plugin for using Active Directory as an authentication handler

Is there a way to see what Plugins are “stock”?


Hi @saikami ,

we are happy to hear that you want to migrate to SCM-Manager v2!
Here you can find a list of available plugins: https://scm-manager.org/plugins/categories/all/

Hi @christoph.loose ,

i’ve already visit the plugin page - but I’m unable to finde some of my plugins.

The challange is, to check if it’s possible for me to upgrade - without loosing any of my installed Plugins.
Currently I have Plugins installed that I can’t find here: https://scm-manager.org/plugins/categories/all/

For example:

Since I can’t find the plugin in the plugin store, does that mean that the possibility no longer exists and I have to use the current version I have already installed?
If I have to use the version in my plugin folder - how do I know if its compatible with the new version of SCM-Manager?

The git plugin is something that is a core feature right?
Is there a way to see those stock plugins of the current version of SCM-Manager?


Sorry my fault, the git plugin is one of the default plugins directly available after the installation of SCM-Manager v2.

You could install a local version of SCM-Manager 2.39. and then you are able to check all available plugins in the administration section. This is maybe a good way for you to check out the new SCM-Manager before you do the upgrade

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