SCM Migration old (v1.27 windows server) new SCM (v2.33 Ubuntu)

i would like to ask if is possible to migrate SCM from on old windows server(SCM v1.27) with all the users and repositories to a new Ubuntu server(SCM v2.33).
If yes is there any guide to follow for the migration?


as far as I know there shouldn’t be any differences in the files used by SCM-Manager. I cannot say this for sure for the git, hg and SVN repos, though.

In my view you should give it a try:

Copy the complete scm home folder to your Ubuntu server and try to start it with an SCM-Manager 1.60 (the migration to 2.x is only possible, when the data was updated to 1.60). If this runs smoothly (all the repos are accessible and you can browse the data), you can update to 2.33.0 with the default migration.

Please let us know how it’s going!