Migrating svn (subversion) type of repository from one SCM Manager (1.7) to the new one (2.2)

Hi all,

we would like to know how can we create a dump file or create an archive with metadata? Afterwards, the file is created, we’ll import it into new version of SCM Manager.

We have scm-archive-plugin installed on older version but as an system admin, not sure how to use it to export data of repository.

Any kind of advice would be appreciated, many thanks in advance!

Hey @dragan.misukic,

while reading your question, I wondered about several specifications. Is your “old” instance really still version 1.7? Do you really want to migrate to version 2.2.0? We recommend the latest release 2.23.0.

Now to the actual question: Why do you want to create a dump with metadata? If you upgrade your instance the data will be migrated automatically. We have several update steps defined to update the data structure without losing any relevant information.

Maybe you could provide some more information about your setup?

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