Migrate from v1 to v2 and moving to a new server in one go

Hello Rene, et al:
We have an old server running SCM-Manager v1.6 that is being decommissioned. Setting up the new server, this will be the perfect opportunity to also upgrade SCM-Manager to the latest and greatest, something that I have been looking forward for a long time. I have read https://www.scm-manager.org/docs/2.24.x/en/migrate-scm-manager-from-v1/ but my question is: Do I have to install and run v1.6 on the new server first before migrating (really don’t want to do this), or is it enough to just copy over all data from the old server and then run v2 on the new server? IOW, what is the v2 migration assistant looking for exactly to offer and perform the migration?

Hi Chris,
You only need the home folder of the 1.60 (i hope you mean 1.60 with v1.6) and of course a backup. But keep in mind that SCM-Manager v1 uses absolute path for the repository locations (if I remember correctly). So place the home folder from the old server on the same location on the new server.

Then install SCM-Manager v2 and configure the home folder location, if it is not the default location, and start.

Hi Sebastian,
Thank you. I did this and and got the migration assistant. From the migration options, I tried copy and move, neither of them worked (busy processing for >1h) so I canceled and re-did the setup each time. BTW it is not clear hear where/how the copy/move is done in these cases, a status/progress report would be very helpful. Then I tried inline which worked immediately.

The copy/move process can be time intensive, but a status could be difficult to implement. We will think about it. Thank you for your feedback.