Error with Mercurial subrepositories using SCM Manager web interface

I am using SCM Manager 2.32.2.
I have a Mercurial repository, migrated from SCM Manager 1.60, with subrepositories.
Using SCM Manager web interface, I get this error on default page for this repository on SCM Manager.

RepositoryName is name of repository
SubrepositoryName es name of subrepository
Error: Not found
The requested entity could not be found. It may have been deleted in another session.
File: SubrepositoryName
Revision: default
Repository: hg/RepositoryName
Transaction ID 9sT2QuuLw2D
Error Code AGR7UzkhA1

I have enabled logs on SCM Manager. Error with detail is:

TRACE - map NotFoundException to status code 404
sonia.scm.NotFoundException: could not find file with id SubrepositoryName in revision with id default in repository with id hg/RepositoryName
at sonia.scm.NotFoundException.notFound(
at sonia.scm.repository.spi.HgBrowseCommand.lambda$getBrowserResult$0(

Using TortoiseHG I get no errors. It’s working without issues.

Is there any configuration on SCM Manager for enable compatibility with subrepositories or is there any error on my SCM Manager environment?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @lucasluengas

I am not sure whether you have to activate support for nested repositories in Mercurial. We will check this and get back to you asap.

Regards, Eduard

Hey @lucasluengas,

After some research we found out that SCM-Manager doesn’t like Mercurial sub-repositories with relative paths. If we use absolute paths it works.

SubRepo is named nested. The config in the .hgsub file looks like this:

nested = http://localhost:8081/scm/repo/scmadmin/classic

Maybe this workaround will already help you?


Thanks for your support and this workaround. It helps me.