Git LFS install and use


Does SCM Manager git repos support LFS?
If yes, is it LFS1 or LFS2
and if no, is there a way to install the additional plugin?


Hey Maxim,

Yes, we support LFS for Git. What is different between LFS1 and LFS2? If you follow this instruction it should work for you:

Regards, Eduard

Ah, so there is nothing SCM specific that needs to be done, you just install it as if Git was installed on the machine with out it?

V2 had a lot better very large file support. We need to be able to store files which could be 4GB or more. I see now that they also have a V3 … I will check it out.

Thanks for the link Eduard!

It might be a bit offtopic, but what kind of files do you actually manage with SCM-Manager? We regularly discuss which use cases we should expand. So it helps us to know exactly what our users are doing with the product.



Most of our repos are code repos, but we do need an ability to store large texture and model files. We work in game/simulation design. Some 4K and 8K texture files are fairly large. And so are the 3D Models. For example… if we store the Unreal Engine project, with all its code and content. It would be a mix of binary materials and code.

SVN works great for large files, but it’s not distributed, and we work mostly with VPN. HG and Git are the next best thing, but they don’t handle large files that well. Mostly because of the way they transfer and store them, as one chunk. It would be nice if there was large file storage that would break apart the large files into small chunks for transfer. Kind of like alienbrain does. That makes the transfers and storage simpler on the server, and if you have a connection drop, you just need to upload whatever was missed (if there is a record of this), not the whole large file again.