Large Repo clone issue for latest version 3.0.3

I am facing clone issue for large repo in many VM and try to increase the buffer size also and not working, Kindly help to fix the issue.

Hey @sounthar,

no offense but… Setup? Logs? Stacktraces?

Regards, Eduard

We checked the configuration for all setup, everything is fine however i am not facing this issue in one server. I have three SCM server facing the same issue

Hi @sounthar , do you use SCM-Manager stand-alone or behind a reverse proxy? Are there any other subtle settings you could think of? What kind of server do you use (Docker, VM, bare metal)? Do you have any logs in SCM-Manager? How big are your repositories (are there mostly lots of files or do you have very big files), do you use LFS? Can you reproduce this error, when you do a clone directly on the server?

Anything can help us to reproduce this.


We have deployed SCM manager on a VM behind HAPROXY. And we attempted to clone using git bash but encountered an issue mid of clone.
We are not use any LFS.
Repo size is 250MB to 5GB.

Hey @sounthar , I could reproduce the error with a reverse proxy. We will take a look at this, stay tuned. Thanks for the report!

Hi again, there probably is a solution for your issue: With version 3.0.2 of SCM-Manager we added a configuration for the idle timeout. You can configure this in the config.yml of SCM-Manager. Please set the value for idleTimeout to a high value, for example to 7200000 (1 hour) like this:

## set http idle timeout (set to 0 for default)
idleTimeout: 7200000

On a linux system with a default installation, you should find the configuration file in /etc/scm/config.yml.

Hope this helps,

Hi @pfeuffer, In configuration file change the idleTimeout value 0 to 7200000 and restart the SCM Manager server, I am facing same issue for all repo.

Hi @pfeuffer, Now issue fixed, Thanks for your help :+1: :+1:

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@sounthar thank you for your confirmation.

Could you please share what finally fixed your issue?

Hi, I am facing this issue for repo clone URL redirect http to https in Scm Manager, fatal: unable to update url base from redirection:

Error scrrenshot

Hi, if I’m not mistaken, this redirection is issued by your proxy, isn’t it? This should have nothing to do with SCM-Manager. Do clones using the https URL directly instead of the http URL still work?