How to run git server-side hooks?

  • bug description (occurred issue):
    I put my hooks file under repository data\hooks folder, but it can not run correctly.
  • expected result / system behavior:
    I want to mirror my git repository.
  • observed result / system behavior:
    The hook can not run. (See attached file)
  • SCM-Manager version and installed package:
    (Please also add Screenshots of the issue + if possible a trace created by the SCM-Manager support plugin) (2.4 KB)
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Hi @jw1903

thank you for your post in our community forum!

We will have a look at your issue and will come back soon.

Hey @jw1903

The error is that your hooks are not executable.

After granting them execute permission on my system they will work (but not for me :slight_smile: )

Regards, Eduard

Thanks for your reply.
Can you teach me how to granting execute permission?

The scm-manager use Local System to login

How do I setup the hook file?

I used Jenkins plugin to instead for now.

@jw1903 you can find several guides online about how to change permissions. Here is one that I found on "Read & Execute" permissions

It does not luck for me. I add the Read & Execute permission for everyone. But it still the same problem.

I think Jenkins plugin is good enough for me now.
Thanks for your kindly help.

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