Permissions Click Error on Repository (Cannot assign Permissions)

One issue we have found on one of the repositories we are getting below error when clicked on Permissions. I don’t know why it is happening to this repository, other repositories work fine. Are you aware about this issue. how to fix it.

SCM Manager version we use is 2.38.

Here is the error screenshot.

Hi @sshende ,

if I’m not mistaken, we had an issue with flaky permissions from 1.x that broke the permissions in 2.x. Probably the best way would be to fix this directly in the store files.

To do so you first have to find the directory, where this repository is kept. Take a look at the repositories folder. There you will find directories for each of your repositories. You have to find the one for the repository with the error. You can check this by taking a look in the metadata.xml files. Here you will find the namespace and the name of the repositories. Once you found the correct metadata.xml file, please check the <permission> entries. Each of these entries has to have one groupPermission (either true or false), one name (the name of the user or the group) and either one role (with values OWNER, READ, or WRITE), or multiple verb entries.

So a valid metadata.xml file should something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

Hope this helps. If you cannot find any errors in your metadata.xml file, then we’ll have to take a deeper look.