Updating permissions programatically

My company decided that a couple of hundred groups in Active Directory need to be renamed. A lot of these groups are used in permissions in SCM Manager.

With SCM Manager 1.x it was easy to adapt the permissions just by doing search&replace on the .xml files.

With SCM Manager 2.x I can’t find any possibility to do something similar, as the .xml files are no longer used for storing the configuration.

How can I adapt the permissions for the new group names? Or at least get a list of repository permissions so I can check where the groups are being used?

Hey Gerald,

have you checked the security.xml? There should be an entry for each permission per group. If you want to migrate the permissions to new group names, you should be able to replace the new group name here.

Example: The name b could be changed to new_b. This should be sufficient.

If you have configured the groups for single repositories, you also must check the metadata.xml in each repo and also replace the name.

Yes, I checked security.xml and disregarded it because it only contains global permissions. greping for said groups in the config directory only showed hits in the file repositories.xml.v1.backup, which is a remnant from the upgrade from 1.x to 2.x, hence my conclusion that the .xml files are not used anymore.

I did not think to check for more .xml files in the repository directories, but you are correct, I found a couple hundred metadata.xml files containing the affected groups. Thank you.