Change user in repository path

I imported some repositories from my old SCM Manager (1.6) as admin into my new SCM Manager. This worked perfectly.
Afterwards, I entered the permissions of the original user as owner and deleted myself, i.e. the admin.
However, the path still contains the admin, i.e.
Can I change this somehow?
Thank you very much!

The name after /repo/ is called namespace and it is controlled by the namespace strategy. The namespace strategy selects the namespace during the creation of the repository. The default strategy is to use the name of the user which creates the repository. However the strategy can be changed in the administration settings (documentation). One of the strategies is custom, which allows the creator to insert an arbitrary namespace and it is also possible to choose a new namespace for an existing repository by renaming it (documentation). But it is not possible to remove the namespace entirely from the url.

I hope this helps you.

Hello Sebastian, thank you very much for your answer. I apologise for even asking. I had read that in the documentation but had not made the connection. Greetings Christian

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