SCM-Manager v1 migration (namespaces)

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We currently use SCM-Manager v1.60 and we’d very much like to migrate to v2.

The issue currently holding us back from doing this is the new namespace concept in v2.

We rely heavily on organizing repositories with multiple levels of sub-namespaces, e.g.


Here’s where I need some help.

As far as I gather this is no longer possible with v2. We’d be forced to make do with
a single level of namespace for organizing the above, and e.g. convert the rest to a part
of the repo name as such:


Is this correctly understood?

Is there any way of keeping the multiple levels of namespaces in v2?

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Mikkel Sandberg Andersen

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I’m sorry but the multiple levels of v1 can’t be used with v2. The limitation of namespace+name allows us to use the same url for the protocols (hg, svn, git) and the ui, this was not possible with v1. Because we can’t say where the repository name ends and where the ui/protocol sub path starts.


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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the quick reply.


Actually, I would like to have this feature back as well. Could it help to use the usual namespace delimiter, a colon “:”, instead of a slash “/”?

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No, i think this would not help, because we have to know where the name of the repository ends and were the path of the protocol starts. A soon as we start to separate the name of a repository with an undefined amount of “/”, we can’t figure out on which url we have to show the repository ui.

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