SCM-Manager (Apache73) - Admin problem

I recently installed SCM-Manager on my QNAP and I created a new user on first start. Then I removed the scmadmin user but I realized I don’t have privileges in my new account. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but the users remain the same. I searched for some configuration files via ssh without success. How can I solve? Thank you.

Hi, that should be a simple one:

The permissions are stored in <scm-home>/config/security.xml. This is a relatively simple xml file where you should find an entry for your user, if you assigned any permissions. To make this user the global admin, just assign the permission *, so that the entry looks something like this:


If there is no entry for your user, you can simple create one.

Hope this helps.

Where is scm-home folder?
I don’t find it on my Qnap.
I find a “scm-server73\conf” folder in share\CACHEDEV1_DATA.qpkg but I have only logging.xml and server-config.xml.
I also use find command but I don’t find any file security.xml and any config directory

Thank you

The location of the home/base directory depends on the type of installation, please have a look at the documentation.

Do you have used the unix package to install SCM-Manager on your NAS?

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