Property search

Hello there. I´ve read the news regarding improved search capabilities in the latest releases of SCM Manager, but we have not upgraded yet.

Is it also possible to search by SVN properties ?


Welcome @otrotabi,

as far as I know it is currently not possible to search by SVN properties. It sounds a little complicated for us to create an index by these properties.

Could you describe your use case? We will discuss this matter in our team and try to find a solution.

Thanks for your answer. I am aware Subversion does not include the possibility to search by specific property by default, I miss that feature actually.

We are not using SVN and SCM for code development, repositories are mostly for binary files, and particularly 3D CAD files. These files (parts in our case) have different properties (i.e “Material” “Thickness”, etc). Being able to search for all parts built with “Aluminum” "0.15 mm " would be great for us.

I do understand that since Subversion does not include this, this feature should be implemented on a separate database, which should replicate or sync these properties, thus allowing this kind of search. Since I read the post and don´t know how you implement the new features, I thought I could ask.

Please take a quick look at this to get the picture:


Oh, that is indeed interesting. Actually, repositories don’t work so well with binaries. Maybe we could somehow create a layer that collects subversion properties and then creates an index of them. But that’s a big maybe, since I don’t know if that’s even possible. We’ll look into it and get back to you, but it might take a few days.

Thank you for your interest. I would be glad to help you with my feedback if such a project would be something interesting for you to develop.

This could also give you an idea of what is needed for engineering stuff. Solidworks is using SVN for a printed circuit board design software they have and this is a brief review of it.



Hi @otrotabi ,

thank you again for your input!

If I got you right you would like to have tags to tag files with “Aluminium” and “0.15mm”. So that you would be able to search and filter for one tag or a combination of tags. That’s something we can actually consider in our future development.

In case of support for binaries like circuits or technical drawings we would like to keep our focus on source code. However we will extend support for binaries like MS Office and Open Office documents. But this will be a preview of such documents and no version control.

Hope this helps.


Hi Christoph,

Yes, that is exactly what I need. I want to be able to search for parts made with Aluminum with a sheet thickness of 0.15 mm.

I do not expect being able to compare differences between versions of the same binary file, if this is what you are asking. There´s a specific tool in Solidworks for this task, but actually most of the time you need to write down what you do in case you need to easily find differences.

Since I started this thread and actually am really interested in this topic, if possible send me a private email as well as a new post so that I do not miss it.