[Readme] Umlauts are still not rendered correctly


The problem, first reported in [Readme] Umlauts are not rendered correctly, still exists:

Umlauts in the readme file are rendered correctly on the /info page but not on the /readme page.

I am using SCM-Manager 2.42.3 with Readme plugin 2.1.0 with Git.

Hi @fralf

I tested your issue on a windows server with SVN repository and I had no issues with Umlaute in the readme section / plugin. Please see screenshot below:

Version: SCM-Manager 2.41.
Readme Plugin: 2.1.0

Could you please share more information about your setup?

Hi @christoph.loose,

Thanks for testing.

I had another look. The umlauts are already broken in the HTML source code so it is no issue of the browser settings. When changing the encoding of the readme file to ANSI, umlauts are rendered correctly. So I checked the encoding settings of the server. Turned out that the code page was good old 850. I activated the - experimental (sic!) - UTF-8 support and now everything works as expected.

Only wondering why Windows Server 2022 Datacenter comes with such outdated default settings :wink:

Best regards,

Happy to hear that you found a solution! And thank you for sharing it with the SCM-Manager community :slight_smile: