SCM broken after upgrade to 2.48.1

  • bug description (occurred issue): After upgrade to 2.48.1 the ui only shows the error:


Unknown error occurred
Error: prev.toSpliced is not a function

The upgrade seems to have installed 2.48.1 and i just now discovered it works ok in a windows browser and in Linux Opera 103.0.4928.26, the error is shown only on linux Debian bookworm firefox (102.15.1esr)

After a reboot it shows in the commandline that there are 3 upgrades but after sudo cesapp list-upgrades it shows:
Found 3 upgrades for your installed dogus
See more with cesapp list-upgrades
Last login: Tue Nov 28 09:19:51 2023 from a.b.c.d.
EFGH@abcd:~$ sudo cesapp list-upgrades
[sudo] password for EFGH:
no upgrades available

  • expected result / system behavior: The upgrade would result in a usable system

  • observed result / system behavior: The SCM-manager is not usable anymore.

  • SCM-Manager version and installed package: 2.48.1

(Please also add Screenshots of the issue + if possible a trace created by the SCM-Manager support plugin)

Hi, thanks for this report. Indeed, the function toSpliced does not seem to be as widespread as we thought (see here for the support map). So this error depends on the browser that is beeing used (thanks for your detailed information about this).

We will check this internally once more.

Thanks again!

I just realized, that your post is 10 days old. Sorry for the late reply (we have some sick leaves at the moment).

We just released version 2.48.3 of SCM-Manager (version 2.48.3-1 of the dogu in the Ecosystem) with a fix for this issue.

Thanks for your patience and your report!

Thanks for the fix!
I hope your colleagues get well soon!

Greetings, Nils.

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