SVN Mirror Enable --allow-non-empty

Mirroring is a nice thing when we think of migrating/moving big repositories considering the administrative tasks and the side effects involved.

Right now, the SCM-Manager provides the facility to mirror any type of repository. But if it fails in between for whatever the reason is, it would not start/continue syncing because SVNSYNC has to be called with --allow-non-empty switch. I am not sure about the equivalent switch in SVNKit but this is a missing piece.

With big repositories, if the sync stops in between, then removing it and restarting it from the scratch is not a workable approach.

So please enable/facilitate --allow-non-empty option in SVN mirror page and make sure to set this property to the SVNPROPS of the target SVNREPO before calling the SVNSYN SYNC file:///repositories/mysvnrepo function.

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Hey Girish, thank you for your suggestion! We will discuss it in our daily stand up and will come back to you soon.