Timestamp regression

  • bug description (occurred issue):
    When i go to the details of a changeset (SVN) the date and time are shown as eg “almost 5 years ago” this is not very helpful, in version 1.55 this showed as eg “2018-10-21 09:36:23”

  • expected result / system behavior:
    Show some more exact date time under the details tab.

  • observed result / system behavior:

  • SCM-Manager version and installed package:

(Please also add Screenshots of the issue + if possible a trace created by the SCM-Manager support plugin)

Hi @nilsjacobs

thank you for your suggestion.

If you are hovering over a “time” like “almost 5 years ago” SCM will show you the exact date and time of this entry.

Hope this is helpful

Hi @christoph.loose ,
Thanks for your helpful suggestion, i did not even notice that.
I expected to see more detail under de “Details” tab.

As a side note i suggest removing this kind of fancy “twitter app” functions and make the ui more user friendly, after all it is a software tool and most software people are not used to unnecessary fool around with a mouse.
The version 1 ui was better in that regard.


Thank you for your feedback that is really appreciated!

We will consider it. Probably there are more community members who do agree? Please raise your hands!