Version 2.40.1

Is the windows version arriving soon ?

gives a 404 :frowning:

Hey @tbsnap , thanks for this quick feedback! The release of 2.40.1 has been incomplete (we moved our infrastructure a bit). We have cleaned up the residual, so for now on the website 2.40.0 is back. Version 2.40.1 can still be started with docker is this release is fine and can be used without a second thought.

Don’t worry, the changes of 2.40.1 are minor and nothing of importance.

Thanks again, René

Thanks for the reply René, I’ll stay at 2.40.0 I’m new to this and am struggling to import an existing mercurial respository. Just re-read your reply sounds like I should really be using a docker image and not running it in Windows directly ?

If you have the alternative to run it in docker, this definitely is something you should consider. It takes away some configuration issues (like “do I have the correct Java version” or “what user permissions do I need”), but of course it needs some other considerations (“where is my user data now?” and I don’t know much about Docker under Windows). As always there probably isn’t a clear yes or no answer for this. What I like about Docker is the simple update. Just start the new image and there you go, no hassle with the need to replace single files.

Maybe you should just give it a try (and don’t hesitate to let us know about your learnings here).