Why can't I access my server from another machine in the same network?

I have followed all instructions from the installation page and it works without issues on localhost but when I try to access my server from another pc (http://my_pc_ip_hosting_scm:8080) in the same network, I get a not found page.

I do not have any issues when loading other applications with the same pc. Nodejs or databases work just fine.

Ok, this should definitely work. Did you use the url with the path scm like this http://my_pc_ip_hosting_scm:8080**/scm/** ? If this is the case, I can only think of firewalls. Which OS do you use?

Yes, although it should redirect I have tried that too.

My SO is Windows and I have tried to add the .exe from the files downloaded to the entry rules of the firewall without success

The scm-manager.exe is just a wrapper for a java process. It may be that you have to add this one on your firewall. The easiest way to check whether it is the firewall would be, to disable the firewall for a short moment (if this is an option).

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Indeed, it was the firewall. Adding java.exe to the allowed programs did the trick.
Thank you very much


It is a Java process, yes, so that should work.
Sorry, read the real post too late. Glad it worked :slight_smile:

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