Branching and PR Support in Jira

Hi all,

For anyone interested in it: i requested the integration of the SCM-Manager into the “Git for Jira”-Plugin by BigBrassBand.

The Issue is now tracked internaly to see how much interest is there for it. If anyone else is interested, please also open a ticket to request adding support for SCM-Manager in the plugin.
This can be done under the following Link: Jira Service Management
Simply click “Suggest a new Feature” and Fill out the 2 fields with the integration request for SCM-Manager.

This would allow for Branches and PRs to be created, merged and closed directly from a Jira Issue.

I hope for a big enough response so that it will be integrated into this plugin.



Hey Christian,

you may be not aware of this but there is already a SCM-Manager plugin for Jira. It does not fulfill your requirements as you described it. Nonetheless it is kinda possible to create new branch for SCM-Manager directly from Jira and link your branches to the Jira issues. Also you can update Jira Issue status and create Jira comments with your commits from SCM-Manager.

Would this already help with your workflow? This plugin is not included in the official Atlassian store but we could find a way to provide you the plugin.

Source: GitHub - scm-manager/jira-scm-plugin

Regards, Eduard

Hey Eduard,

Ohh that would be cool if you could provide it to me. Is it also working with the newest version of On-Premise Jira (i saw that the codebase is 3 years old)?
I would like to test if that already solves our main problems (which is mainly the semi-automatic creation of branches for new features/bug fixes).

I would assume (from the codebase) that it does not interact with PRs?