Help with issue tracker, JIRA and commit message validation

I am having trouble getting the commit validation to work with JIRA. I see this in the issue tracker queue.

When I click on resubmit, I see this in the trace monitor:

Which shows this when I click on details:

Any help is appreciated.


a comment creation shouldn’t be such a complex task. The only thing we can think of is either an invalid “Role Visibility” from the configuration or that the issue has some state that prohibits new comments. Do you have issues with other requests, too, or is this the first one and others worked well?

Can you check that?

Regards, René

I have tried multiple jira tasks/stories and they all do the same thing. Nothing is working and I am setting up scm-manager for the first time. What is role visibility in the configuration?

With the role visibility you can restrict who can see the comment in jira. Do you have configured a role visibility in the SCM-Manager Jira configuration?

We ask this because jira has declined the request with status 400 (Bad request), which normally means that some value within the request is invalid. The comment request sends only the body and a visibility role (if one is configured). It is quite unlikely that the body is invalid, so it is possible that an invalid visibility role was configured. Invalid for the visibility role means normally that a role was configured, which does not exists on jira.

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Thank you! that was the problem. I had set a role visibility to jira-users, since that is pretty generic, but when I removed it the integration worked. I was able to commit using a jira ticket number and the record was updated with a comment.
Thankyou all!