Jira plugin project filter and credentials required in V2?

Wanted to verify if these are actual changes in the plugin from V1 to V2 or something I’m missing in the config.
In V1 Jira plugin we did not have to specify project filters or provide credentials if we wanted to match any project and allow the users to make necessary changes and comments as long as their credentials matched between Jira and SCM. That worked wonderfully as we could control all that from JIRA and did not require a service account to make the necessary changes. Documentation seems to back that up:
" Username and Password (optional): If you use different usernames and passwords for JIRA© and SCM-Manager you have to configure a default user here. This user will be used to update the JIRA© issues. If you don’t configure this default user, JIRA© and SCM-Manager have to use the same usernames and passwords, because the plugin uses the user credentials that were used for the push for the JIRA© authentication."
That does not seem to be the case anymore from what we’re seeing. If I don’t have a list of the project filters and a service account with correct permissions for all those projects, the integration seems to not work at all.

Hi @danlawit

It’s true that with version 2 of SCM-Manager a technical user for Jira is required. Before (v1) user credentials were used to authenticate with Jira, but this was a security issue because SCM-Manager had to save and re-use the user’s password and this was something we wanted to avoid. Therefore we have no plans to offer the function again.
I hope this is understandable.