Mycloudogu plugins connecting

So, I clicked plugins in scm manger and it asked me to login to cloudogu to see all available plugins (I’m paraphrasing). So, I did. I’m not clear about what that changed about my scm manager environment. Is my environment sending info back and forth to cloudogu now, or what exactly does connecting my instance to cloudogu mean?

You can rest assured, not much has changed:

In general (with or without authentication), the plugin center gets the following information:

  • the server’s IP address
  • the operating system of the server
  • the top level server processor architecture (x86 or ARM)
  • the Java version of the server
  • the version of SCM-Manager

This information (except the IP address) is used to determine the plugins that can be installed and are sent via the query parameters configured in the plugin center url from the global settings.
We store and aggregate these requests to get an idea about how many installations there are.

If you authenticate your SCM-Manager installation, your SCM-Manager stores the refresh token from myCloudogu (on your server only) and sends this to the plugin center. Here it is used to verify the login. During this process, the plugin center gets a token with your user id and your name used in myCloudogu, but this is not evaluated and not stored in the plugin center (the tokens are just passed through to myCloudogu and are not correlated with the information mentioned above).

We do not send any other data from your installation.

For further information about your myCloudogu account, see here.

Hi Rene,

That sounds reasonable to me and I figured y’all would have a reasonable
use for it, but I really appreciate your detailed response.



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