Plugin center authentication failed


While I can log in to my cloudogu account, the plugin authentication fails for some reason. so I have a few question if anyone can help.

  1. Does authentication needs some special port to work? I am behind some firewalls, even though SCM Manager works fine and all repos are functioning… although on custom port.
  2. Is there a way to download and install the plugins manually?

Thank you,

Welcome Maxim,

  1. I don’t think you need to open special ports. Do you have the scm-trace-monitor-plugin installed? There you should see your request and maybe also why it is failing. Besides you could try to check your server logs for some meaningful stacktraces.

  2. Yes, it is possible to download the “Cloudogu” plugins manually. But we strongly suggest that we help you to fix your connection so updates and new plugin are immediately available for you.

Example for manual installation: Custom-Footer-Links

Regards, Eduard

Hi Eduard,

It would be best if we could fix the connection for sure.
I enabled TRACE for a bit, tried to access the plugins. What should I be looking for in the log files? This would be in scm-manage.log?

I can send you the log file. Do you have an email I can use?


There should be errors about failing authentication for plugin center requests in your logs. You can send the logs to The log files should be named scm-manager.log or something similar.

Alternatively as mentioned you could try the Trace Monitor or even the Support Plugin for quicker insights.

Hi Eduard,

I’ll email you the log in a bit.
When trace is enabled, does it just output to Log also, or does it have another interface? I didn’t notice anything different except TRACE notes in the log.
I did se this in the log:
2022-04-11 14:43:33.754 [qtp231685785-31] [DVT2itxIkf] WARN sonia.scm.plugin.PluginCenterAuthenticator - failed to fetch access token


Hey Maxim,

thanks for your logs.

It seems that you had the right idea. We believe that the requests are blocked by some kind of proxy server. It could also be due to the firewalls you mentioned. Depending on the cause, you may need to allow the SCM-Manager requests in your network configuration.

Other requests, such as the RSS feed to check for newer SCM Manager versions, will also be blocked. SCM-Manager is built to work without a direct Internet connection, but these are the obvious limitations.

Caused by: Connection timed out: no further information

Hope this helps.


Thank Eduard,

Yes, it was the proxy. For some reason even though the VM should be blind to the outside host proxy, the SCM server still needed it.
It works and connects now though!

Thank you for your help!

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