SCM Manager 2.38 Internal Users cannot change password

We are using internal SCM-Manager user management though we have do not use LDAP method as of yet for external users.

Currently we use version 2.38 which we have migrated last month from 1.60 version, This is strange that users cannot change their password before when i had tested it was working now suddenly the issue occurring.

It is difficult to track the cause, dont know if it is because of any plugins installed or any other configuration changes. what could have made this occur. what can be the solution for it.

Please help us on this, as it can cause security issues.

Below is the screenshot for the error.

Hey @sshende ,

thank you for your post and welcome to our community!

You already shared your solution via e-Mail and I would like to make it available for the community:

We found out that the password has to be reset first in order to change the password by user. I think the change password option working with 1.60 version does not straight away works with 2.38 version until we reset it on new SCM-Manager version.

Thank you so much!