Clients getting RPC failed; HTTP 302 after upgrade to V2

An issue we are running on clients after upgrading from v1 to v2. Looks like the URIs in V2 have changed from https://URL/scm/git//… to https://URL/scm/repo/git//…
I believe this is causing clients to receive 302 errors, unless we enable followRedirects true on the client side. Is there anything we can do server side to alleviate the issue? Either change the URI back to the standard format from V1, or change the response according to RFC guidelines (rfc7538) to 308 which seems to be the correct way to handle in this situation.
Thank you

Hi @danlawit

thank you for your post.

We discussed your issue and we need some more time for testing. We will come back with an update soon.

Hey @danlawit ,

we checked whether a 308 would make any difference. As it turns out, git works the same way with this http status. Because Git follows both redirects (302 as well as 308) without further notice when this is configured (git config http.followRedirects true), and we do not want to hide the new URL from the user, we decided to keep it the way it is.

We hope this is fine for you and thanks again for the suggestion!