Hide the Warp Menu completely

Question: Is it possible to hide the Menu button of the warp menu completely?

I’m deploying slide decks via the Cloudogu Ecosystem using reveal.js, see cloudogu/reveal.js-docker-example.

When presenting the slides I would like to hide the Menu Button of the warp menu. Is that possible at all?
I would also be able to apply a workaround via JavaScript console :wink:

A more convenient option would be to use the mouse or an URL parameter.

If you can add the CSS-class hidden to the id warp-menu-container the warp-menu (including the button) will be hidden. Maybe toggle with a button and some Javascript?

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Thanks for your response, @pahrendt!

You mean adding for example the following?

<style type="text/css">
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I’m afraid, it will not work that way. Try adding the class hidden to the html-Tag, not to the inline-styles. Can you add the class dynamically with Javascript?

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:man_facepalming: ah thanks very much for the pointer, @pahrendt !

Using an absolutely awful javascript function I was able to integrate toggling the warp menu for reveal.js presentations when deployed to a Cloudogu Ecosystem/nexus.

With cloudogu/reveal.js-docker you can now toggle the warp menu using the w key.