How to remove no longer existing CES instances from myCloudogu?

Hey there,
How can I remove no longer existing CES instances in the myCloudogu view? Basically, two of the instances listed there are no longer existing already. And the last one will be deleted/exchanged after finishing the installation on my Proxmox env.

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Hey Sascha,

thanks for reaching out to us!

Unfortunately, there is no feature to deactivate / de-register specific Cloudogu EcoSystem instances in the myCloudogu instance management at the moment.

But due to your feedback, we decided to take a look at the technical possibilities of the instance overview and created a corresponding story to discuss for the upcoming development sprint.

Stay tuned for more information during the next weeks here at myCloudogu.

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Hi @sbiallas,

with the latest update to our instance-management we enabled users to delete their Cloudogu Ecosystem instances. Next to your instance there is a bin to delete the ecosystem instance.

When clicking the bin you will be prompted to confirm the deletion with a modal dialog.

If you confirm the deletion and delete your ecosystem instance even though its still running on your system it will not be able to communicate with our backend and you will not be able to get updates for the dogus anymore. As of now this operation cannot be rolled back.

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thank you for the information. I removed my no longer used and meanwhile deleted instances up to the one I have in use.

Many thanks and best regards,

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