Welcome to the Dogu Forum!

What is the Dogu Forum?
This section is all about the Dogus that are part of the Cloudogu EcoSystem (CES). A Dogu is a containerized tool, that is part of the Cloudogu EcoSystem.

There are different types of Dogus which can be categorized in Community Dogus, Private and Premium subscription Dogus developed by Cloudogu or by a Third Party.

“Community Dogus” are tools that are available for the free Community Edition. Also everyone is invited to created a dogu independently from us, we will always do our best to support our commuinty in creating new dogus.

“Premium Dogus” are tools that are either subscription based or whose functionality goes beyond the basic toolchain.

With “private Dogus” you can use the backend to provide your own tools as Dogus for your instances. Other users of the Cloudogu EcoSystem cannot see or use these Dogus. A Premium Edition of the Cloudogu EcoSystem is required to use private Dogus.

What can you do in the Dogu Forum?

  • ask questions about the Dogus
  • ask for help or support
  • Share your ideas with the team
  • Report bugs

Language: the default Dogu Forum language is english, but do not hesitate to write your post in german.

Helpful links:

  • Would you like to know which Dogus are available to you? Learn more here.
  • Do you miss a Dogu? Create a feature request to share your ideas with us.
  • If you experienced a technical issue or an unexpected behaviour, please create an issue, so we can help you to fix it.